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The Next Century Foundation is one of the few not for profit charitable organisations with an office in Gaza and a long standing history of involvement in the war torn Gaza Strip.

We are a peace organisation founded on the principle of promoting freedom from fear and rapprochement between nations. We do not normally engage in humanitarian relief work.

We are aware however that the major aid organisations have neither our access nor our contacts and in most cases have no history of involvement in Gaza. So we thought we would try and do something to highlight the plight of our friends in Gaza.

The NCF office is in the Gaza Media Centre in Gaza city. We have a broad based membership in Gaza, but most of our members are journalists.

Our intention is not to deliver reconstruction aid but instead to deliver help to the families of journalists killed.

In the present conflict: 

1.       Thirteen journalists have been killed
2.       43 journalists have been injured
3.       Twelve media offices have been damaged or destroyed
4.     Twelve homes of journalists have been damaged in shelling, five of them in Tel al     Hawar area
5.       Five cars used by journalists have been completely destroyed and 9 damaged
Journalists face particular danger because their job requires them to move from place to place, most particularly the independent and freelance journalists. All those killed were young. 7 were killed at work in the field. In Sharquiya area three were killed and two injured (one with the loss of both legs) in one shelling.

Many media offices have been partially damaged like those of Al Jazeera and UPI but some have been completely destroyed like those of Al Aqsar TV and Watania. 

Journalists, particularly from small independent media organisations are also having difficulty because of the lack of electricity in Gaza now. The small offices only have little 3 or 4 kw generators that will not run 24/7.

They say if we send a dollar they will match it by raising a dollar locally.

Some of the journalists’ families that have lost their breadwinner could do with small emergency grants. A generator would cost US$1,600 but there are 20 small media offices that need generators.

Our target is to raise US$100,000. But even if we raise a small fraction of that amount we can change lives in Gaza for the better.



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Syria Appeal

The NCF is committed to facilitating an end to the conflict in Syria. At the NCF we believe that the road to peace is to be found in a negotiated settlement between all parties involved in the conflict. Since our inception twenty three years ago we have worked to promote peace in many regions and have always maintained that the best way to do so is through frank and candid discussion.

The NCF believes that the surest way to a lasting peace is through negotiation and rapprochement, even in the most desperate of situations. The outlook in the Middle East was bleak when the NCF was conceived; there had been the long Iraq-Iran war, the decimation of Lebanon and the seemingly endless tragedy of Palestine. In Syria the situation is undoubtedly dire, as is shown by the casualty figues compiled by the NCF.

This is not an appeal for donations for short-term humanitarian aid but an appeal for donations to help the NCF to try to bring about a stable and lasting peace, by enabling discussion and supporting under-represented, minority groups. Please donate using the button below.




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