The Next Century Foundation is a charity devoted to conflict resolution. The sole aim of the Next Century Foundation is to apply a solvent for the fear, insecurity and lack of trust that have bedevilled more public exchanges. The Foundation works to:

  • Encourage dialogue between opinion formers in areas where a climate of conflict or open hostility has made progress towards reconciliation and peace difficult - And to do so from a non-judgmental perspective.
  • Search for and encourage solutions to conflict situations.
  • Arrange diplomatic, parliamentary and economic meetings throughout the year to support these objectives and contribute to the creation of an informed opinion, bringing together people of all parties concerned.
  • Encourage links between those who have a role to play in tackling the root causes of violence and who see the necessity of mobilising the forces of reason.

Its principal activities have been related to the State of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the comprehensive Middle East Peace Process (engaging Syria), Iraq, Iran, Sudan, former Yugoslavia, Kashmir and the International Media Council and the concept of Peace through Media.

Second Track

The Foundation believes that meeting on a non-political level can lubricate the wheels of diplomacy.

Benefits: All who participate are determined to act through an unofficial network creating forums for people of opposing sides.

People: The sole aim of the Foundation is to apply a solvent for the fear, insecurity and lack of trust that have so often bedevilled more public exchanges.

Action: Working to build a climate of order and security in the world to enable the pursuit of peace and reconciliation with justice.

Peace through Media: The media can promote war in so much as untruth and propaganda is the chief enemy of peace. The challenge to each of us in communications is clear.

Time for a Change

Panel members of The Next Century Foundation believe that it is vital to work towards a climate of order and security to enable the pursuit of peace and reconciliation with justice. We are not a "dialogue group" or "pressure group", however useful these things may be as part of the democratic process. We do not criticise or proselytise. We are not a "friendship group". We do not seek to condemn. We do care for people and their different views. We meet regularly. As a "Forum" we talk through situations, tackling controversial issues in a spirit of reconciliation and bridge-building. We bring together in a quiet, friendly atmosphere many"opposites" who might otherwise never meet. We believe that one of the troubles of today's world is lack of contact, understanding, association or friendship. We believe that problems are allowed to ferment, whereas - with adequate time and patience - quiet understanding can untie every knot.

It is said that "one on the side of good is a majority". This is also our belief. Our members share a common commitment: They feel it is now time for peace and reconciliation, time for a change.


Syria Appeal

The NCF is committed to facilitating an end to the conflict in Syria. At the NCF we believe that the road to peace is to be found in a negotiated settlement between all parties involved in the conflict. Since our inception twenty three years ago we have worked to promote peace in many regions and have always maintained that the best way to do so is through frank and candid discussion.

The NCF believes that the surest way to a lasting peace is through negotiation and rapprochement, even in the most desperate of situations. The outlook in the Middle East was bleak when the NCF was conceived; there had been the long Iraq-Iran war, the decimation of Lebanon and the seemingly endless tragedy of Palestine. In Syria the situation is undoubtedly dire, as is shown by the casualty figues compiled by the NCF.

This is not an appeal for donations for short-term humanitarian aid but an appeal for donations to help the NCF to try to bring about a stable and lasting peace, by enabling discussion and supporting under-represented, minority groups. Please donate using the button below.




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