Will Israel attack Iran?

The talk of an Israeli attack on Iran has been ratcheting up for the past year. Prime Minister Netanyahu has consistently called for more severe action than the current strategy of sanctions. American and Israeli media has been stoking the fire, building a narrative towards an all out strike on Iran. 

Safavi meeting 17 September 2014


MESC Meeting on Iran Monday 24 March 2014


7 March 2014 Safavi on Bahrain

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Iran, Bahrain and Syria

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The Nuclear Deal Exposed - Report Dated 7 February 2014

Response from Iraq on Bahrain Weapons Seizure

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Report 72 dated 11 January 2014 Pipeline Projects In Syria and Turkey

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Comments relayed from source 001 of Iran to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Report 70 Dated 13 December 2013 Iran's Nuclear Program Talks

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