Working group meeting on Iraq, Syria and Gaza 7th August 2014, Thursday

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MEPP Report 6 - The Plight of Gaza

With tensions running high, our man in Gaza says that Gaza’s problems have not been helped by a series of air and tank strikes from Israel, the last on the morning of Thursday, 9 January 2014.

Sir Cyril Townsend

At the end of last year Sir Cyril Townsend, one of the NCF's more prominent longstanding members, died peacefully after a short illness with Leukaemia.

MEPP Report 5 - Hamas

MEPP Report 5 - Hamas

MEPP Meeting 9th September 2013

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Heather Blake works for Reporters Without Borders, UK and is an Associate of the Changing Character of War Programme at Oxford University. 

The report published is not associated with the rapporteurs work with Reporters Without Borders.

A meeting to discuss current developments in Israel and Palestine on Tuesday 12 March:


MEPP Report - Israel's elections 2 - Date: 27/01/2013

The following note, from Ambassador Hambley of the NCF, is about Yair Lapid, the new man on Israel's political scene following Israel's recent elections. The Ambassador forwards a New York Times article.

MEPP Report 4 - Israel's elections - Date: 23/01/2013

The following report, prepared by Sam Morris of the NCF, is a personal take on Israel's recent elections. We hope members find it of value:

And the winner is...

The Aftermath of Gaza

Now, in the aftermath of Operation Pillar of Defence, seems a good moment to reflect on the possibility of a genuine Middle East Peace Process. 

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