ICF Meeting Wednesday 29th October 2014


  1. Mrs Pat Lancaster, Editor, Middle East Magazine
  2. Mr Jaafer al Ahmer, Al Hayat Newspaper
  3. Mr Hugh Nowell, International Communications Forum
  4. Mr Gamon McLellan, former Editor in Chief, BBC Arabic Service

Media Meeting 17 September 2014



  1. William Morris
  2. Mark Hambley
  3. Veronica Morris
  4. Constantin Gouv
  5. Shree Wood
  6. John Bond
  7. Hugh Nowell
  8. Mohamed Alghabra
  9. Khalid Mubarak

Shortlist 2014 International Media Awards

The shortlist of nominations for the 2014 Media Awards 

(Note that the panel reserves the right to change the categorisation of names on this list)


Meeting of the International Communications Forum - 18 February


  1. William Morris
  2. Veronica Morris
  3. Samuel Morris
  4. Gaanashree Wood
  5. Adam Mazrani
  6. Ceren Mutus Toprakseven
  7. Gamon McLellan
  8. Hugh Nowell
  9. Deborah Pout
  10. Peter Dannheisser
  11. Maggie Tomkinson


International Media Awards Long list Nominations 2014

The longlist of nominations for the 2014 Media Awards - sorted by prize and then first name. With each is included a short biography, who nominated them and which prize they have been nominated for. Any suggestions for ammendments should be sent to

Meeting of The International Communications Forum - 23rd January

Minutes Attached

Media Awards Meeting 22nd October 2013




General Report 60 - Media confidential

This report carries our current special code

Media Awards Meeting 10 September 2013



1. Michael Binyon

2. Gamon McLellan

3. Adel Darwish

4. Deborah Pout

5. June Jacobs



Media awards guestlist 2014

To be invited:

  1. Dr. James Rodgers, City University London
  2. John Reed, FT Bureau Chief in Jerusalem
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